Professional B2C solution for car rental companies
with complete management of vehicles, orders and customers.


Why CarBooker

CarBooker was created as e-shop variant designed for a specific product - car rentals.
It addresses specific requirements not covered by typical e-shops, e.g. calculation of prices by rental duration, vehicle accessories, check of car availability for required date, overview of upcoming rentals or generation of invoices and contracts.


The frontend part of the application is publicly available on the Internet and provides the following functions:

Car lookup
User can search for a car by common criteria - rental price, discount, various technical parameters, branch, or category. More ..
Detailed vehicle description
The detailed description may contain both free text and technical parameters. Texts can be localised into any language. Of course, related documents can be adjusted to suit owner's policy - e.g. General Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Rentals. More ..
Order submission
Though submitting an order looks simple, there are numerous supporting functionalities in the background such as integrated service to search for the company in business directory, instant recalculation of the rental price when changing order parameters, the ability to submit order as a quotation request, etc. More ..
Common features for frontend CMS pages
For all vehicles are created SEO-optimized links to achieve optimal ranking in search engines. Frontend pages commonly apply responsive design suitable also for mobile devices and support for localization to any language. Other features include e.g. the ability to configure page layout (content blocks), multiple colour theming variants or integration of payment gateways. More ..

Fig. 1 - Car lookup and order submission (click to enlarge)

Backend - Administration

Backend application allows processing of received orders and is only available to authorized administrators. It allows:

Order processing
The administrator can process received order by reviewing it, clarifying any ambiguities with the customer, confirming it, sending a quotation or changing parameters of the order. Depending on the specific situation, he can then set the status of the order, send an SMS message, assign a payment, or cancel the order. More ..
Setting rental prices and VAT
Rental prices can be defined by rental length or as fixed amount. For accessories, prices are set separately and different VAT rate can apply to each accessory. More ..
Management of vehicles, categories and accessories
For both vehicles and categories it is possible to define localized descriptions, uploaded pictures to the photo gallery, set discounts (VIP customer, seasonal discount), publish a group of vehicles, or set technical parameters of a vehicle. In addition to rentin a car, the accessory allows to offer other related services to clients, e.g. child seat, GPS, refrigerator, roof box, as well as services such as airport transfer. More ..
Performance overview
On dashboard, administrator can get quick overview of the portal's status - from the last orders received, through upcoming rentals, visit counts on frontapges, up to portal's health and stability. More ..

Fig. 2 - Administration - order editing and portal performance overview (click to enlarge)


Modules allow extending functionalities of the CarBooker application. These include in particular payment modules Paypal, Truspay, GoPay, but also module for generating invoices, rental contracts, CMS, or SMS notifications. We develop modules continuously or upon client request.

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