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10+ years of experience

Synet Price Comparator is based on more than 10 years of experience in developing comparator portals. It is an extension of the wizard framework.


  • Friendly & responsive design
  • complex UX elements
  • interactivity
  • client & server validations
  • parallel price calculations
  • unique comparison links
  • development tools
  • integration with applications
  • built-in statistics
  • comparison by price or quality
  • theming support
  • REST API layer
  • translations
  • shared functionalities

Build on the top of modern technologies

Synet Price Comparator takes full advantage of the modern and robust PHP framework and the latest web technologies.

resources friendly

Special effort has been invested into minimum resources usage and I/O operations during the development. This ensures fast responses resulting into a positive user experience.

Effective business model

Synet Price Comparator is a scalable & flexible application with low maintenance costs and thus a suitable candidate for an efficient business model.

Application architecture

Design of Synet Price Comparator supports modularity as well as sharing commonly useful functionalities. Isolation & flexility at the same time.

User comfort

Optimized layout, interactivity, fast responses & responsive design are key to creating a positive user experience. This guarantees that user will return in the future.

Shared functionalities

For efficient development, commonly used functions are shared amongst wizards - such as sending comparison link to an email or downloading printable PDF.

Third party applications

Supported is connecting of the application to external data sources as well as sending data out - to CRM, eshop, intranet applications etc.

Integrated IDE development tools

Implemented are basic tools for rapid application development - such as CLI attributes generator (type hinting) or code generators (wizard skeleton).

Asynchronnous price calculations

In addition to offline price calculations, comparator supports fetching prices from external servers and injecting them into displayed results in a real-time.

Partner integrations

Price Comparator can be embedded on any partner site via seamlessly themed iFrame. For complex integrations, the REST API can be used.

Automatic navigation & branching

Navigating between the steps of the wizard automatically validates entered data, saves it on server and decides how to move to the next step (pathway branching).

Localization & ICU support

The comparator allows full localization to any language, including regional formatting - time, date, numeric formats, country names, etc.

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