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Web applications

I develop intranet as well as online applications. Criteria for development are security and code stability, speed (SQL) and low maintenance costs. Larger projects are preceded by meeting with the client, clarifying the scope of work & budget estimate.

Backend applications

Focused primarily on functional logic rather than design and responsiveness. The tools include proven stable technologies - PHP + CSS framework, database layer, queues & automation - depending on a project requirements.

Price calculators & comparators

I have more than 10 years of experience in developing front-end online comparators and related backend business processes. This resulted into developing the Synet wizard framework .

Online booking systems

Primarily targeting car rental services & accommodation facilities. Application allows the owner to manage prices and communication with the customer - from receiving an order to evaluating satisfaction. Ideal solution for new sites.

Online surveys & questionnaires

Synet Survey provides time and cost effective solution for data collection on the internet. Depending on specific requirements, final evaluation typically includes data normalization and analysis, as well as final reporting.

Integration of web services

Interconnecting internal business processes and ensuring communication between applications is nowadays a fundamental limitation for expansion of corporate as well as small-size businesses. I implement web services on the client & server side using standard technology (REST, SOAP).

Document generators

I can implement document generators in standard formats (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, ..) of varying complexity. An example solution is portal , for which I developed complex rendering engine which supports inserting web form elements into PDF and MS Word files.

Consultancy services

PHP & SEO consultancy

Do you have a technical problem with your website? Do you need to connect the eshop with an external server? Need to switch to a new hosting? Do you want to address potential customers, setup google analytics, or launch email campaign? I do not know everything, but in many ways I can advise and find the most cost-effective solution.

Business modelling

Do you want to start online business but you find hard to get oriented in available applications? Do you need to evaluate the technical difficulty or the economic aspect of your business intention? I will advise you in developing a business plan for online business - e.g. selection of a suitable CMS/CRM/eShop, payment method or user behavior analysis.

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Professional development of web applications and custom solutions. Consultancy services.