- application framework for rapid web development -

Application framework

It implements business logic into web applications for manipulating sequence-dependent data structures.

Workflow process

Wizard framework implements basic workflow for rapid application development.

Robust and extendable engine

The Wizard engine integrates the benefits of the modern PHP framework. It is expandable with new features without sacrificing performance.

Presentation layer

Separation of the visual data presentation allows the output to be obtained in any format - e.g. JSON, HTML, XML etc.

DRY & KISS principle

Written with emphasis on simplicity and clarity to minimize application maintenance costs.

Wizard cycle


Validation on the client and server side ensures that only correct data is stored and feels interactively.

Data synchronization

Input data is stored on the server - for reuse and prefill - so the user does not have to enter them again.


Navigation logic can reach different levels of complexity. Basic operations are "Continue" and "Back".

Output generation

Standard output is in a HTML format, eventually JSON for the REST API. Extensible by other formats.

Wizard developer

Supported functionality

Wizard architecture supports sharing common functions amongst wizards. Application wizard is developed as "tiny model" - meaning it only contains the logic specific for its individual implementation.

  • localization for arbitrary language & regional settings (ICU)
  • theming a skinning for HTML output
  • automatic navigation for the next step
  • REST API with authentication support and documentation generator
  • support for unit tests
  • processing and sending of received data - integration with external services
  • error & activity logging
  • internal statistics e.g. for SEO optimization

Practical applications

Synet wizard framework allows developing of applications for various usage.

Price comparators

with specific functions - asynchronous price calculation, setting of calculation parameters, data confirmation, printing to PDF, unique comparison URL etc.

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Online knowledge tests

for both online and intranet campaigns. Adjustable algorithm of question evaluation, group progress assesment, individual progress reports, etc.

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Online surveys & questionnaires

Bulk data collection, responsive design, offline analysis - data normalization and evaluation. Easy seamless integration with partner sites.

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